This Sunday, September 13th, we will have a special offering for local outreach. During these difficult economic times, our church continues to reach out to people in need. Not only is our food pantry ministry growing and giving out more and more food to hungry families every week, but we also offer assistance to people who have lost their electric, or heat, or sometimes are even in danger of losing their homes. Many of those we help are our own members, to whom we give priority. If you are blessed with income and security in a time when so many others are not and would like to see others in your church family and community receive the assistance they desperately need, please be sure to make an offering above and beyond your regular giving this Sunday. Whether you place it in the offering tray or mail it into the church office, be sure to mark it “LOCAL OUTREACH,” so we will know where to direct your gift. Thank you from the Outreach Ministry.