Disciples Men’s Fall Retreat

“I Love to Tell the Story ”was written in 1866 by William Fischer from a poem written that same year by Katherine Hankey. This is the theme of our Disciple Men’s Retreat beginning this Friday, September 18th – 20th. Why this theme? We as Disciples seem a bit reticent to “do evangelism” when the Greek word is euangelion, which simply translated means Good News. Our purpose is not to teach people how to quote lots of scripture in order to dazzle or overwhelm people. Rather, we will be learning to tell our own stories about our relationship with God, with Christ and His Church. Every Christian has a story about the Good News. The point is to have our story listened to and affirmed by other Christians much the same as Paul reported in Galatians 2. Our story is the Good News of God’s love in Christ for all people. When we share our own experience with one another in stories, we actually are practicing how we will share with others the Good News of God’s love in Christ. We are not to go out onto the street corners to quote scripture, but to be ready with our stories of relationship with Christ when someone asks us about our journey in faith. Together we will tell our stories. Together we will listen to each other. Together we will encourage one another to share the 2,000 year old story that is fresh and new every day in our hearts.

Come to Disciples Men’s Retreat September 18th – 20th and enjoy. For more information or to register call (614) 433-0348 or website: ccinoh.org.