The Last Word…

You may have noticed for the past several weeks we have had “a newsletter within a newsletter.” Many thanks to Moniqua Suits, our E-vent coordinator for Unbinding Your Heart, for putting so much of her time and considerable skill and creativity into this project. She has committed to providing this for us each week throughout our 40 days of prayer and reflection.

This week, Moniqua gave me my assignment: write an article around the question, “Does Christian evangelism mean telling people of other faith traditions they are wrong and we are right?” Whoa! There’s nothing like coming right to the point! If you are curious as to how I answered that question, you can read my answer and the rest of the Unbinding Your Heart insert within.

It occurred to me as I was answering the question posed by Moniqua that perhaps I needed to back up a step. Before one can ever hope to engage someone of another faith in a dialogue about Jesus (let alone someone with no faith), we have to experience God in our own lives in a significant way. Trying to be a witness to something you have never witnessed is not only difficult, it is impossible. Someone might be able to feed us the right lines, but it is unlikely we will be able to deliver them with any level of authority or believability. It’s kind of like the man who heard his wife using
profanity one day (in an attempt to show him how obnoxious it was when he did it!). After she finished, he said to her, “Honey, you obviously know the words – but you definitely don’t know the tune.” When it comes to witnessing our faith, we need to know both the words and the tune. Before we can share the Gospel, it first needs to be “Good News” for us in our own lives.

Someone once said the witness of the Church is born again in every generation. Indeed, the witness of the church is completely dependent on the Gospel being experienced and embraced by each new generation. In other words, your grandparents can’t do it for you. Your parents can’t do it for you. Your preacher can’t do it for you. When it comes to developing a genuine relationship with God, it is up to you. Fortunately, you have a God who is eager to give you that experience. Indeed, if ever there was a prayer God wants to answer, it is this one: “Please, God, let me more fully  experience the truth of your love and power in my life.”

There is never a bad time to begin a life of prayer. There’s never a bad time to acquaint ourselves with how God has acted in the past so we might be aware of how God is acting now and in the future. However, during these 40 days of Unbinding Your Heart, we have a unique opportunity to pray a prayer of surrender and desire for God along with so many others who are also making this journey.

It is an exciting time at Central Christian and God is very much at work in our midst! I can hear the tune…