The Sanctuary Study Committee is holding a special meeting on January 3, 2010 at 2:00 pm to provide a current status of this project with a PowerPoint and question and answer session. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

The charter of this committee is to discuss how to provide an inviting worship environment for both members and visitors alike. The core of the charter is to formulate a recommendation which answers God’s calling to our church. We started this process by reviewing our mission and theology then developed a shopping list of candidate improvements to be discussed by the committee. The committee has gathered extensive input from a large number of sources including committee and member meetings. The discussions have been involved and intensive because each topic has so many aspects. It is anticipated that a detailed recommendation will be complete and a vote taken at the June 2010 annual meeting. A decision to implement will not be made until then.

Very obviously a re-modeling of our sanctuary alone will not perform our mission for us. A proactive sharing of faith, encouraged by the Unbinding Your Heart program, will be necessary – an improved sanctuary is only a tool.

Please prayerfully consider this matter before meeting with us on January 3rd. If you are unable to attend, similar meetings will be held prior to June 2010. If you prefer one-onone discussion, please contact committee members with your questions or ideas: Jane Bernard, Scot Burnett, Carley Ingram, Anne Keeton, Merle Kidd, Joan Norman, Dan Oliver, Moniqua Suits, Lynn Rogers Chairman, Margaret Lyon and Rev David Turner, exofficio.