Week of Compassion responds to Jesus’ question, “Do you love me?” by embracing the least of these.  We love as we “suffer with” those at risk of being forgotten.  Through Week of Compassion, disciples promote justice and facilitate sustainable development in North American and around the world, accompanying people in their darkest hour.  We stand in solidarity with people whose livelihood has been devastated, whose home has burnt down, whose community is under attack or whose children long for something to eat.  By participating in Week of Compassion you enter into a long-term relationship with our sisters and brothers in some of the most troubled areas of the world. Whether it’s the Gulf Coast Hurricane Recovery Initiative, feed the world’s hungry as a result of the global food crisis, responding to neighbors in need here at home, or confronting humanitarians crises across the globe, Week of compassion is Jesus’ love in action.  This Sunday, February 21st, we ask you to feed Jesus’ sheep with a donation to the Week of Compassion.  Your gift will help create a miracle.