OWM Fall Retreat

A sacred space is a sanctuary where one can retreat and recharge during changing times; on oasis of peace amidst turmoil; a place of perfection amidst chaos. Retreat to a sacred space and “Feed the Hungry Heart,” from September 11th – 13th at OWM Fall Retreat at Camp Christian. Come and satisfy the holy hunger alone/together in prayer with Jesus. You will enjoy:

Haiku Poetry
Art for the Heart
Soul Collage
Mandela Circle Prayer
Photo Meditation
Contemporary Psalmist
Quite time together/alone
“This is Your Life!” (Story recording)
Create personalized prayer beads

Learn to create a Sacred Space with the use of sound, colors and rituals. Inside the Sacred Space, the spoken word is soft and as you sin is silence the voice of your soul speaks through your heart. Plan to attend! Registration is open now! The cost is $85.00. You can register online at www.ccinoh.org or through the church office. For more information or the list of items to take to the retreat please contact the church office.