The Last Word…

This coming Sunday is the official kick-off of a new church program year. There are lots of opportunities for growth and involvement. The only thing missing at this point… is you!

I recently ran across an article I saved from years ago from a book about God’s grace called “Sin Boldly, But Trust God More Boldly Still.” The author recalls a childhood memory of traveling with his family and passing an orchard that advertised especially low prices on peaches if you were willing to pick your own. They pulled over, paid their money, and selected a bushel
basket to fill.

As they set off into the orchard, the man tending the place said, “The peaches along the fringes are picked over, but deeper into the orchard you will find the best fruit.” They walked far enough along that it seemed they had gone past the picked-over sections. But just as they set their basket down, the man hollered, “Go deeper!” They picked up their basket, went a little bit further, and discovered he was right. The finest, plumpest peaches were untouched and just waiting for them.

The author tells this story, not so much to make a point about picking peaches, but to illustrate something about the Christian life.

The point he was trying to make is that if people always stay on the fringes of the Christian life, not trying very hard to deepen their understanding or experience, then they will learn very little about themselves or God. The coming weeks represent a wonderful opportunity to “go deeper.” Not only are regular classes and worship services underway, but Bible studies, choirs, and other ways to deepen your faith are also available. Central Christian Church is committed to providing for the spiritual growth of all its members. But opportunities, by definition, only offer potential for growth. All of the programming in the world isn’t going to make a bit of
difference if a person hasn’t decided to “go deeper.”

Each person who makes a commitment to God to go deeper is like one more candle lighted in a dark room. Each person who wakes to the love of God and the life changing power of the Holy Spirit helps to renew and revitalize our whole church.

As we begin a new church year, full of possibility and potential, it is my prayer that you might seek to go deeper in your spiritual life and in the ministry of the church. If you sense there is something missing from your life and you are hungry for something more, then remember there is only one way to truly be satisfied – “Go deeper!”