The Last Word…

One of my favorite authors, C. S. Lewis, once wrote a book entitled The Screwtape Letters. The book, which continues to sell even after 50 years, is made up of a collection of fictional letters from a senior demon to a junior demon-in-training. While the book is at times very funny, it also makes a person stop and think – which is exactly what Lewis intended. The goal of the senior demon was to teach his young protégé the fine art of seducing people to the ways of evil. In one of the letters, the senior demon reveals what he calls his “most effective weapon” – APATHY. He says his primary aim is not to get good people to do evil, but to encourage them to do “nothing at all.” He instructs the junior
demon by saying, “Apathetic indifference is often far more wicked than downright intentional wickedness. Your job is to provide me with people who do not care.”

Sometimes the biggest temptation we face is not a choice between doing something good and something evil. Our biggest temptation is often the one we hardly notice – the choice between doing something good and doing nothing at all.

Right now, in the life of our church, there are so many opportunities to learn and grown and serve our Lord. This past Sunday, we began accepting volunteers for a local Habitat for Humanity project. This Wednesday night will be the first session of an intensive 10 session study on the book of Psalms. Bell choir and chancel choir are underway, as well as Sunday school classes and youth groups. On Sunday mornings, we are just beginning a new series called Rules of the Road: Eight Biblical Principles Life’s Journey and streaming audio versions of weekly sermons are available online at at the click of a button. Opportunities for fellowship always abound. And, as we heard last Sunday in our “Meet the Ministries” program, there are lots of places for people to plug in to the mission and ministry of the  church (and some new ministries just waiting to be born!).

The church is a living thing. Those who have been around the longest know it never stops changing or growing (and woe to the church that doesn’t!). But the one thing that is deadliest to the church is an attitude of “who cares?” As Joshua once said, “Choose this day who you will serve.” My prayer is that you will choose the God of life, love, action and service.