The Last Word…

This past weekend I attended the Regional Assembly of the Christian Church in Ohio. I always love to attend assemblies because they remind me there are other churches out there that are also struggling to be faithful – and succeeding! I always return with new ideas and new inspiration. But I also recognize that before any church can move with confidence and faithfulness into the future, it takes the ideas and inspiration of us all. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the mission of our church (or any church) is only as strong as each of our individual commitments. Being faithful to our calling as the church takes each and every one of us. Collectively, there is no telling what or how much we can accomplish.

I recently read about a church in Thailand that has put his principle to work. Each of its 400 members gives ten percent of his or her income. These people receive less than twenty cents a week, but a tenth of it goes to their church. As a result, they are able to pay their own minister and support two missionary families they have sent to remote parts of the world. They do all sorts of work for those whom they call the “unfortunate.” But the most startling fact about this church is that it is not just a church; it is also a leper colony. Every single member has leprosy. With every reason to be negative and dead-ended in life, they take two cents a week and really make a difference in the world around them.

I believe that each of us have gifts we can offer to God through the church – gifts of time, talent and treasure. Our stewardship commitment is just one way avenue of giving. For those who are willing to serve and seeking to find ways to use their gifts, opportunities for ministry and service will present themselves. When that happens, everyone benefits and the church is built up.

Last week, members and friends of Central Christian received an estimate of giving card and a letter inviting them to be a part of Christ’s ministry in Kettering and beyond. Please prayerfully consider how you will respond. Individually, there is much we can do. Together, God can use us and our church to do miraculous things. I look forward to joining you in the adventure.