The Last Word…

The end of our Lenten journey is nearing. Almost as if on cue, nature is cooperating with the Easter drama as the weather warms and creates the yearly miracle of resurrection. As I write this, the sun is shining brightly off the white blossoms covering the tree across the street from my study window. Once again, the death of winter is transformed into vibrant and colorful life.

The time of our Lenten preparation is also coming to an end. Now we prepare ourselves for Jesus’ grand entrance into Jerusalem and the subsequent events of his passion.

I have often thought about the incredible courage it took for Jesus to make that last journey to Jerusalem, knowing as he did what waited for him there. But, for our sakes, he came. And that makes all the difference in the world.

The great blues guitarist, B.B. King, recorded a moving gospel song with the band U2. In that song he lists the shortcomings of his life. He enumerates the damage done in relationships – each time adding a refrain about his new life in which he says, “When Love comes to town I’m goin’ to jump that train/ When Love comes to town I want to catch that flame/ Maybe I was wrong to ever let you down/ but I did what I did before Love came to town.”

The Good News is that Love is once again making His entrance into town, to take away our sin and pain and replace it with new and glorious life.

Come, celebrate this Love with us in the coming weeks. This Sunday we will remember Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem (complete with real palm branches).

Love is, indeed, coming to town. And that makes all the difference.