Ohio Disciples Men Spring Retreat

After a long winter there’s a lot of spring cleaning to be done to get Camp Christian back in shape for the summer and each year we Men make it part of our Ministry and Mission to help ready the camp for the summer season and the campers and conferees to come. This year, in addition to our usual work at Camp, we will be building new Green Chairs to replace the old ones that have started to fall apart from so many summers of constant use. And thanks to some generous donations to cover the cost of food there will be no cost for Saturday.

Past work has included mowing, weedwhacking, plumbing, retrieving picnic bench building, painting, and sweeping, No matter your age or ability there’s something you can do! Nobody is too young or too old to lend a hand.

In addition to the Saturday work day all Men are invited to stay at camp Friday night and join us in a time of worship and fellowship!

Come join in our mission work as we work to improve camp for this summer and for years to come!

You can register online at the Regional website.