The Last Word…

Summer is heating up! For many of us, that means things slow down and speed up at the same time. Certainly, the kinds of things we do change when the weather gets warmer – but our need to be rooted in the love and grace of God never changes. Even as we travel or go to camps and conferences or just get away from our regular routine for awhile, we need to make time in our schedule for gathering with the saints in regular Sunday morning worship.

Not too long ago, I read an article by a man who had flown over the North Atlantic Ocean. He said that when you look down into those icy waters, you could see icebergs floating around. And he said that if you watch them long enough you would see a pattern develop. Apparently the small icebergs move in one direction while the gigantic icebergs move in another. The reason for this is that the small icebergs are driven by the surface winds while the huge icebergs, with their foundations plunging deep into the ocean, are moved by deep underwater currents.

This makes a good analogy for Christian living. When we are not tapped into the power of God we are much more likely to be driven to and fro by the surface winds of life. When we live this way our happiness is dependent upon our circumstances and, more than likely, we never really find peace in our lives. When we make our foundations in the immovable love and power of God, it’s an altogether different story. Immediate circumstances no longer defeat or control us, because we have tapped into the deep running movements of a wise, loving and allpowerful God.

That is why it is so important for each of us to draw aside and search out our creator and redeemer. No matter what time of year, we need to pull away from whatever we are doing – even if it’s only to say a prayer in the middle of a hectic day. And, of course, Sunday morning provides one the best opportunities to do this on a regular basis.

When others are being pulled every which way, we can place our feet firmly on the foundation of Jesus Christ and know that we are being moved, not by the surface winds of life, but according to the loving guidance and direction of our Good Shepherd.

One of the simplest ways to do this, even in the summer, is by making Sunday morning worship a regular part of your week. Get away to God this Sunday and every Sunday. You’ll be glad you did.