Write Your Story

Though the Storytelling sessions have ended, we still would like to include your story. Several of you have commented that for one reason or another you were not able to attend the Storytelling sessions or that you would feel more comfortable putting your story on paper. You can do just that. The “Story Writing” period is open until Sunday, September 29th. Write your story, include the number of years you have been attending Central Christian Church, and mail, hand deliver or email it to the church office. On Sundays, September 22nd and 29th there will be a “story drop box” in the narthex. If you are having problems on what to write, here is a brief sample story:

From its introduction, the Disciple Bible Study program brought about spiritual growth and the forging of deep, meaningful relations among participants. Each year, for a number of years, multiple small groups studied the scriptures in depth; participants came together in facilitated sessions to discuss the scriptures and their application to our personal and church life. Experiencing the small group sessions of Disciple caused me to grow spiritually and to forge ongoing relationships with a relatively diverse group of people. The experience motivated the group to join together in service and outreach projects during our study and afterwards. An important capstone to the experience of shared discussion was for each person’s spiritual gifts to be examined and reported by every member of the group. This alone was very significant to the church as it gave input into potential areas of service and leadership of everyone who participated. Over a four or five year period virtually the whole congregation participated in this study and the ministry membership, overall service and participation in leadership grew and shifted.

Your stories relate how life at Central has touched us. Some touches are joyous, some deeply moving, and some disappointing. But, these stories along with the Timeline and profile go a long way in defining who we are as a congregation and where we want to go in selecting a Settled Minister.

Thank you for your story.