The Last Word…

The ancient Greeks understood there are two kinds of time: chronological time (Chronos) – the time on our clocks and watches and God’s time (Kairos). When it comes to Chronos time, people tend to come in two basic categories. Either we are bad managers – which makes us anxious – or we are hardnosed managers and we live our lives trying to go faster and faster, accomplishing more and more in a kind of relentless, exhausting race to somewhere (nobody is sure where). A disciple, on the other hand, is one who lives in Kairos time – according to God’s will and God’s purposes, and
not their own.

Here’s a good exercise: What would you do if you knew you only had 15 hours to live? Or 15 days? My guess is that suddenly you would see the world very clearly in terms of what is really important and what isn’t. I’m guessing many of you would want to say “I love you” a few more times. I’m guessing many of you would spend a good part of that time in prayer and with other people of faith. And I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have time for grudges or anger or littleness of any kind. In other word, you would default to Kairos time.

When you live your life on God’s time, you are still living in the same world, but the rhythm you move to comes from someplace else. You encounter the same hassles you always have and yet still have peace. When I am living on God’s time, I can relax, rest and know that even if I don’t understand everything that is going on around me, it’s okay – my manager does!

When you live according to Kairos time – you no longer function as a manager with the weight of the world on your shoulders, but as a servant and steward. A servant is, by definition, someone who does someone else’s will and not their own. A steward is one who watches over the resources of another.

Your choice is simple: live under the tyranny of the clock, trying to manage what you can’t possibly manage – or, sign on as a servant and steward of God’s will, and experience real rest and healing – even while others burn out in a rat race that never ends.

The next 40 days at Central Christian Church is going to be an exercise in Kairos time. Through Unbinding Your Heart, we will be intentionally focusing on the things that really matter. I believe it will change us – as individuals and as a church. Are you ready to live on Kairos time? If so, relax – because the time is already at hand – and always has been.