The Last Word…

You’re on candid camera! Some of us remember the show; almost everyone has heard the phrase and understands what it means: unbeknownst to you, a camera and crew has been watching your every move – usually for the entertainment of others. I have to imagine those who have found themselves caught in one of those “candid” moments wished they had known so they might have responded differently. Knowing you are being watched by an amused, if not judgmental, audience would probably affect the way you react to any given situation. Or not.

During the past decade or so, reality television has taught us that even with omnipresent cameras capturing their every fault and foible, people will still be people. Why someone would willingly submit to an experience like that is beyond me. I suppose the desire for fame (if not fortune) is one driving factor. It has been said there is no such thing as bad publicity – but I suspect there are some folks in public life right now who might disagree with that idea.

The vast majority of us will thankfully never be on a reality television show. However, it has occurred to me it might not be such a bad idea to live our lives “as if” our every word and action were being scrutinized by a jury of our peers – so to speak. Think of it as a sort of “Christian reality” experience. If that were the case, do you think you might start to choose your words a little more carefully when speaking to or about others? Do you think you might do a better job of controlling your temper or resisting temptation? Do you think you might seek to live in ways that are consistent with the things you say you believe? I think you would. I also think, as reality television has shown us, there would be times when you fail.

Our faith teaches us God watches over us in love always. God sees and hears not only our words and actions – he knows also the contents of our hearts. God knows our motives – which is very good thing for some of us. What that means is even when we make a mistake – God knows if it was done out of ignorance or carelessness or if it was done with intentional disobedience or malice. Of course, for those whose private and interior lives don’t match up with their professed beliefs, the Bible covers the ultimate results of that, too.

The fact is – you ARE living out a Christian reality experience. God is watching you – and so are many others, believers and non-believers. Fortunately, our God is merciful and kind – willing to forgive and redeem those who desire to live in faith. The key to success is no secret. It is the same today as it has always been: love God with heart, strength, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself. Do that… and ignore the cameras. In the end, it’s only  what God thinks that matters anyway.