Central Christian-Making a Difference

Each month our Elders visit the Oak Terrace and Walnut Creek nursing homes to provide an open worship service. In less than an hour, this team of elders and members accompanied by our musical talent, share the Good News, listen to the latest happenings and provide words of comfort to reassure our brothers and sisters in Christ they are very much in our thoughts and prayers.

On Valentine’s Day our team brought gifts of red carnations to share with the residents. We heard stories ranging from Valentine wedding anniversaries to childhood memories to the latest birthday gift of a leather bound Bible given by his son. We also listened to a stroke victim who could only communicate with her eyes since her words were difficult to decipher. The love and happiness she generated through her smile and eyes were evident and heart touching.

Visiting nursing homes may appear as a daunting task full of unknowns. However, once you participate, you realize the love and interest given by the residents far outweighs any time or effort on your part. They just want to chat, share their love for God and experience worship. They share tales of favorite hymns, family members and interest in what is happening in your life. It is an opportunity for us to deepen our spiritual nature and to – amazingly enough, be refreshed. Where else can you find people of such diverse denominations consent to worship as one? It is one of the best examples of God’s love in action you will ever experience.

Central provides services the second Sunday of each month. While we visit both homes, it is possible to sign up for either the 1:30 or 3 pm service. The Elders deliver the message, but always welcome having members assist with greeting, reading scripture, prayers, passing communion or sharing a gift of instrument or song. Or, if you prefer, just join the team to sit in the audience and enjoy the service. Contact Rex Strine, Bob Wheeler or any Elder to answer your questions and sign up for upcoming services. As one resident put it – “We don’t have anyone to take us to church so thank you for bringing church to us”.