The Last Word…

There is a show on one of the cable networks called “Hoarders” about people who are incapable of throwing anything out. Some of these folks find themselves literally buried in all their stuff. Unfortunately, this is probably true for many of us to one degree or another. We live in a culture that encourages us to consume more and more.

Someone once explained to me that every time you bring home something new – no matter what it is – you are tying up a little bit of yourself with that thing. There is an unspoken commitment to store, preserve, clean, and utilize it.  Therefore, the more “stuff” you have, the more of your energy is devoted to caring for it all.

Perhaps that is why Jesus told the rich young man to sell everything he had and give it to the poor. Jesus knew even though the young man desired to be faithful, he was so tied up in all his stuff even God couldn’t break through. Something radical needed to happen. The rich young man needed to get rid of his stuff so he would have room for God.

I have a pastor friend who lives in Colorado who regularly posts on Facebook when it’s trash day in his neighborhood. For him, the weekly garbage pick-up has become a reminder of the need, not only to get his trash taken out to the curb, but also to discard all of the junk in his heart and mind that are cluttering things up and getting in the way. He reminds his family and friends to do the same.

Someone once said it is difficult to open your arms to receive God’s loving embrace when you are carrying around armfuls of luggage. The first thing you have to do is let go. If “taking the garbage out” is a good metaphor for you – then perhaps it is time to do some house cleaning – literally and figuratively.

Next week, our CWF will be preparing for it’s bi-annual rummage sale at the church. It’s a great opportunity to clean out all of the stuff you no longer need or use. Not only does the church benefit, but you get the wonderful outcome of being unencumbered of unnecessary, energy draining “stuff.” It can truly be a liberating feeling!

Likewise, every Sunday can be considered a sort of “trash day,” as well. One of the reasons regular worship is so important is because it gives us an opportunity to bring all of the stuff we carry around with us and give it to God. Do you carry around anger, resentment, anxiety, or persistent feelings of sadness and despair? Do you know how much energy it takes to keep those things around? Do you realize as long as you cling to those things you don’t have room in your life for the joy and peace God wants to give you?

It’s time to unclutter your life – in more ways than one. Join us for worship this Sunday and every Sunday as we take out the trash and welcome in the freshness and life only God can provide.