The Last Word…

I am writing this particular column at the beginning of another week of Vacation Bible School at Central Christian Church. Every summer when VBS rolls around, I think about when I used to go to VBS – a long, long time ago. I may not remember many of the sermons that were preached back then, but I certainly remember the one week during the summer when all of the attention of the church was focused on us kids. There were always lots of grape Kool-Aid, sugar cookies, pretty teachers, and crafts to take home to mom. Some things never change! (Although I suspect the snacks are a bit healthier now than they were back then)

How wonderful it is our children will grow up knowing that it’s all right to sing and laugh and play in the church. In fact, we’d all probably be a lot better off if we could all relax and do the same.

I ran across a poem the other day that reminded me of VBS and summer. It’s called “God Laughs and Plays” by Elise Boulding:
Meister Eckhart says, God laughs and plays.
I know he’s right, all things are bright.
God’s presence near in sister deer.
God delights in the magpies’ flights.
Heaven has room for the cactus in bloom.
God loves the butterfly wings and all mossy things.
God laughs at Brer Rabbit and me.
The porcupine was God’s design.
As was Ms. Spider and the worm beside her.
And the star specked sky, where the moon swings by.
Look all around – it’s God’s playground!

Our church has certainly become God’s playground this week. Everywhere I look our church is being transformed into a space station as our children join in a “Galactic Blast: A Cosmic Adventure of Praising God.” I am so proud to be a part of a church that understands the importance of nurturing our children in faith (and having a little fun at the same time!). Keep us all in your prayers this week and join us this Sunday to hear about our “out of this world” experiences!