The Last Word…

I once heard someone say that our God is a “just in time” kind of God. God doesn’t always act according to our schedule or desires, but God always provides. Most recently, I was struggling with what direction to take with our next sermon series. The idea of life as a journey or pilgrimage kept coming to mind. Then, I was given a little book by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend called, “What to Do when You Don’t Know What to Do.” Right away I liked the title. Then, when I got into the book and discovered their Biblical principles for a faithful life, the idea for the next sermon series was born – Rules of the Road: Eight Biblical Principles for Life’s Journey.

To be a disciple of Christ is to be a student of Jesus and the stories of our faith. There is never a time in our lives when we are not called to sit at the feet of our master and listen and learn. We are as in need of training and growth when we are 80 as we are at 8 – though we are often more stuck in our ways (and unhealthy patterns) the older we get.

Each stage of our journey presents different challenges. Last night, Tammy and I met with our Advance Bible Study group. We had nine young adults with the potential for many more. Each of them shared a little about where they are right now. One thing most people in this age group have in common is that they are in transition. Young adults are called upon to make some of the most important decisions in their lives: Who am I going to be? What am I going to do? With whom am I going to spend my life? There is a great deal of pressure and stress around this time – but also great energy and joy. It is a pleasure to spend time with our young people and to share the journey with them.

The first of the eight Biblical principles we will be exploring is a simple one: “Begin your journey with God.” Every journey begins with a first step, or, in this case, a leap of faith. Fortunately, we have mentors and examples traveling with us who can help us understand how to negotiate each transition faithfully. And, of course, we have the stories of scripture. Each Biblical principle will also be attached to a Biblical character and the story of their journey. This week, we’ll be thinking about Abraham – a man who began his journey very late in life – but did so in faith.

Something else we’ll be doing is printing study verses in the Messenger each week in preparation for Sunday’s sermon. Please take a chance to read over these verses – perhaps even do a little research and study for yourself. It is going to be an exciting journey of faith!

Please join me along the Way!