SERMON SERIES TO BEGIN MARCH 13TH “Becoming the Best You: A Lenten Journey”

If you have discovered over the course of your life that you are more introverted than extroverted (or vice versa), there is a good reason for that. That’s probably how God made you! Of course, being introverted doesn’t excuse a person from relating to others – and being extroverted doesn’t excuse a person from developing a rich interior (or prayer) life. However, changing from one to the other is rarely possible – or even desirable. God created you a certain way – and calls you to be the very best version of “you” possible. Using Jesus’ own life and final journey to Jerusalem as our guide, during the 40 day season of Lent, we will explore how God is shaping us from the inside out – overcoming challenges every step of the way – so that we might effectively serve God (and be our best selves) in the world. The five sermons will cover the themes: 1. Discovering the Spirit (March 13); 2. Renewing My Mind (March 20); 3. Redeeming My Time (March 27); 4. Deepening my Relationships (April 3); and 5. Transforming my Experiences (April 10). Stay tuned!