Chi Rho “Dollar” Diner Dash on October 6, 2013

This Sunday (10/6), during our regular meeting time (6:30 pm), the Chi
Rho youth group will embark from the church on our annual progressive
dinner of sorts.  Each youth will select four items off of the
“dollar” menus of four different fast food restaurants (McDonalds,
Burger King, Wendy’s and Sonic).  We will then form in a flurry into
four or fewer groups, foray to the aforementioned free enterprises of
fair fare diffusion, forgather the food, and flock afresh to the
Fellowship Hall for our fast food feast and other fun, a little fuller
and feasibly fatter for the feat.  Youth should bring five dollars to
help cover the cost of the meal (unfortunately, there really is no
such thing as a “dollar” menu anymore, so our menu includes items up
to about $1.25). We expect to be finished at about the normal time
(8:00 pm).  For more information, contact either Karen Moon or
Larry Merkle