Hanging of the Greens

Today Central Christian Church will celebrate our annual Hanging of the Greens. This celebration allows us to gather to decorate our church to prepare it for the birth of Christ.

Many of the decorations and ornaments used are steeped in Christian tradition.
Candy canes resemble a shepherd’s staff.
A wreath made of intertwined twigs, branches and flowers symbolizes eternal life.
Stars represent the Christ Star – the star shining over the manger.
Christmas bells are rung to announce the birth of Christ.
The symbolism of the Christmas tree, a fir tree that is evergreen – it does not die or fade away or lose its needles in the winter. In this sense it has come to represent the immortality of the resurrected Christ.
The lights we place on our trees and in our yards symbolize Christ, specifically his self-giving love and gift of life to us.

This year as we decorate our church let us reflect on the symbolism in our decorations.

As for the actual event, we’ll gather in the Fellowship Hall following our Traditional service to decorate. Once the decorations are in place a light lunch will be served. For those unable to help actually hang decorations, won’t you consider helping unpack boxes or just sharing a visit with a friend? Once the decorations are in place we’ll share a blessing for the season and eat! Hope you will join us.