Safe Church Best Practices

Members with your board’s approval the Safe Church Committee has Best Practices for our Church Service.  Please look in the CCC News, Bulletin, Website, and on the screen prior to our 10:30 Worship service to review .  The Best Practices will be in all media mention from now until the end of the year.   These Best Practices will start on the 1st Sunday January 3rd 2016.   There will be a Question and Answer session on December 6th, Sunday.   Doug Pence will be in the fellowship hall to answer questions or concerns.  If you cannot attend the Q and A session after reading the Best Practices and  have any questions please contact Doug Pence. Thanks you for your cooperation.

Best Practices-Church Services held within CCC

Best Practices-Church Events held at CCC

Best Practices-All Meetings held within CCC