Ezra & Nehemiah Study

On August 7th, Pastor Green started an 8-week study of Nehemiah, using the book “Ezra & Nehemiah” from the Life Change series. They will be meeting on Tuesdays from 11am to noon in the Meeting Room. Pastor Green has more copies of this book ($10 each), for anyone interested in joining the study. For more information, please contact Pastor Green.

You can share any comments or questions about the study below.

5 thoughts on “Ezra & Nehemiah Study

  1. Moniqua Suits says:

    Does the use of “plucked” in Zech 3 :2, signify God’s Grace is for all? Plucked means random act to me, one as well as another. The action of plucked is not difficult.

    Why the use of “brand”?

  2. Moniqua says:

    Pg 25, Q#18
    No record:
    A. Day of judgement, when did you clothe, feed?
    B. The love and power of Jesus to include and/or offer God to all?

  3. Moniqua Suits says:

    Is Zerubbabel the priest mentioned in Zech 6: 13?

    1. Moniqua Suits says:

      Found the answer.

  4. Moniqua Suits says:

    Did Zerubbabel reject outside help because those offering help served idols and God?

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