Executive Board Chair:  Sue Taylor

Elder Chair: Brenda Shoup

Treasurer:  Brenda Shoup

Deacon Chair: Melissa Moody

Financial Secretary:  Sena Dixon

Membership Secretary: Church Office

Christian Education:  Amy Farrell

Our Christian Education ministry has programming for both adults and children/youth.

The Adult Education Ministry provides for the Christian education program for the adult population of the church.  Its responsibilities include offering appropriate Sunday School classes and small group experiences, training facilitators, facilitate leadership development for Ministry Chairs and others, and distribution of Christian literature.   It also oversees the operation of the church library to include books, periodicals, and computer based media and audiovisuals.

The Children & Youth Ministry provides for the Christian education program for the children and youth of the church.  Its responsibilities include offering appropriate Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School, teacher orientation and development, children and youth fellowship programs, other educational and spiritual development opportunities, nursery and extended care services, and distribution of Christian literature for children and youth.

Christian Family Life: 

The Christian Life Ministry creates and promotes an atmosphere of Christian fellowship within the church family which includes: social events, recreation activities, receptions and other special events.

The Christian Life Ministry also provides devotional and educational materials and programs for special times in the lives and homes of our church family members.

Evangelism and Membership:  Jeannie Madison

Membership Ministry’s functions includes: reaching out to new people in the community, enlisting greeters, reviewing the church visitors register, compiling a list of prospective new members, planning and directing special evangelism projects, organizing both new member receptions and church events, inviting and assisting our church family members to share their gifts by participating in the life of the church, and helping to assimilate new members into the life of the church.

Property: Terry Sigman and Rusty Clifford

The Property Ministry administers the properties of the church. This includes:

    • the care, repair, decoration, and protection of the church building(s), grounds, and all equipment;
    • supervising custodial staff on terms approved by the Executive Board;
    • administering the purchase and installation/performance of equipment and maintenance services;
    • informing the chairperson of any change in equipment inventory;
    • making recommendations to the Executive Board regarding use of the building(s) or properties by non-church related agencies and assuring that such agencies are aware of the conditions governing use.

The Property Ministry also includes the technology of the church.  The Technology team advises, and educates the other ministries, the church as an organization, and individual members in the development of innovative and effective uses of technology to reach out to the church members and the community in spreading the gospel. This includes:

    • Researching and recommending the purchase or lease of all reasonably sophisticated electronic equipment;
    • Assisting with the maintenance of all reasonably sophisticated electronic equipment;
    • Training the congregation in the use of electronic equipment, as appropriate, with regard to applicable levels of age and responsibility;
    • Maintaining an inventory of the church’s electronic equipment and related software, in coordination with the overall equipment inventory maintained by the Trustees;
    • Providing for the reasonable security of all electronic equipment and related software;
    • Developing and maintaining policies and procedures for all electronic equipment;
    • Participating with the Stewardship and Finance Ministry in the annual budget development process, and preparing a multi-year technology forecast for the Executive Board;
    • Developing and maintaining the church web-site.

Public Relations:  Melissa Moody

The Public Relations Ministry publicizes the programs and works of the church to achieve the greatest possible awareness among the congregation and the community at large. This includes:

    • providing public relations, program planning and assistance within the church;
    • making maximum use of media services;
    • organizing and overseeing the publication of the pictorial directory with membership list when appropriate.

Stewardship and Finance:  Rusty Clifford

The Stewardship and Finance Ministry plans and directs a program that encourages the stewardship of time, talent, and finances, thus promoting the financial needs of the church. This includes:

    • promoting stewardship education throughout the church year;
    • preparing the operating budget;
    • keeping accurate records;
    • planning and directing the pledge drive.

Community /World Outreach:  Beth Bentley

The World Outreach Ministry stimulates service in Christian mission by creating broad and varied interests in support of congregational, denominational and ecumenical ministries of mission.

Worship:  Claudia McCall

The Worship Ministry takes a lead in creating rich worship experiences that enables the congregation to genuinely experience worship, enrich personal spirituality and develop family devotional life.

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Christian Education classes are Sunday mornings 9:15 to 10:15 am.

Adult Sunday School Electives

There are at least two adult Sunday School programs currently offered:

Journey through the Bible: This group meets and actively reads through the Bible each week.

Inspired Authors: This group reads and discusses books by contemporary Christian authors such as Max Lucado.

Children’s Sunday School

On Sunday mornings, we offer a multi-grade Sunday school class for all kids ages 5 through 18. Topics vary each week.


We have a staffed nursery during our traditional service at 10:30 am. Our nursery is for children ages zero through two years.


Christian Youth Fellowship (CYF):  Melissa Moody & Amy Farrell

Christian Youth Fellowship (CYF) gives  middle and high school students a Christian environment where they are accepted, loved and nurtured. CYF also provides youth an opportunity to discuss issues relative to their lives and to grow in their own spirituality. Throughout the year, CYF will be making plans for a summer trip.

Regular activities include intentional informal conversation, casual worship, game-playing.  Special activities include group outings (sometimes together with other groups from within Central), nursing home visitation, and participation in Central’s Christmas program and Youth Sunday.

Youth are welcome and encouraged to bring friends from within or outside the congregation.  All youth that participate actively in Chi Rho and those that complete the Pastor’s Class are invited to participate in an extended weekend for the Disciples Heritage Trip.

The regular meeting time is Sunday evenings 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM at the church.


Chancel Choir (Audio Sample)

Contact: Sue Taylor

The Chancel Choir is a group of adult singers. They rehearse weekly on Thursday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm in the sanctuary and sings during the Traditional Worship Service every Sunday morning.

NOTE: Choir rehearsals are currently on hold due to the global pandemic. Rehearsals are expected to resume mid-August 2021

Laudate Ringers (Audio Sample)

Contact: Sue Taylor

The Laudate Ringers are a group of adult hand bell ringers. They rehearse weekly Thursday evenings from 6:45 pm to 7:30 pm and they play during the Traditional Worship Service.

NOTE: Choir rehearsals are currently on hold due to the global pandemic. Rehearsals are expected to resume mid-August 2021.

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